Sedation Dentistry

A relaxing way to experience dentistry.

We offer two types of sedation dentistry so you can feel relaxed while we restore your smile.

What is IV Sedation?

If dental treatments give you anxiety, you are not alone. At Southern Smiles, your comfort is one of our top priorities which is why we offer sedation services. IV sedation is given through your vein directly into your bloodstream. Patients who have had IV sedation frequently say that they felt so relaxed that they slept through the treatment. By using an IV, our dentists can safely and easily regulate the amount of sedation you get during your treatment to keep you comfortable. With this option, you will need a companion to bring you and take you home.

Why Choose IV Sedation?

Getting the oral care you deserve shouldn’t feel like punishment. With IV sedation, you’ll be able to have your needed dental treatment done without the typical anxiety you may experience in-chair.


Deep Relaxation
Our patients often say that IV sedation relaxes them to the point that they may even drift in and out of sleep, with the weight of fear and pain lifted off of them. It creates an amnesia state of mind, helping to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Less Time In-Chair
Oftentimes, a patient’s fear or anxiety can make it more difficult for the dentist to work at the same pace due to wincing, moving, or taking breaks to help calm nerves. IV sedation allows for your anxiety to lessen and for your dentist to work at their typical pace, taking up less of your time.

Completely Personalized
IV sedation is entirely customized to your specific medical needs. Your dentist has full control over the amount of medicine you receive and completes a thorough medical history beforehand to create a custom dose that is safe for you.

Little Down Time
Once your care is completed and the IV removed, the sedation will immediately start to wear off. You’ll experience drowsiness for several hours as it leaves your bloodstream, you will, however, recuperate and return to normalcy faster than if you used anti-anxiety medication.

Who is a Candidate?

Those Who Have:

Moderate to Severe Dental Fear

A Sensitive Gag Reflex

Chronic Jaw or Back Pain

Longer or Multiple Dental Procedures

Treatment Expectations

If you are interested in IV sedation, first we would schedule you for a consultation with our dentist. At this consultation, our dentist will get your full medical history from your medical physician, walk you through the process, answer any questions, and give their recommendation based on your level of fear or anxiety.

On the day of treatment, you should plan on having someone you trust to drive you home. While the sedation wears off fairly quickly, it’s safe to say you’ll feel drowsy for the remainder of the day.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” is a mild sedative. It is given through a nose hood and can be used continually throughout the treatment. Nitrous oxide works to improve your mood and relax tension, minimizing anxiety and discomfort throughout your visit. With this option, you can drive yourself to and from the appointment.

Why Choose Nitrous Oxide?

No matter the reason, your anxiety when visiting the dentist is completely valid. With nitrous oxide, you can experience a more comfortable visit. Nitrous oxide as a safe and efficient type of sedation. The laughing gas relaxes patients immediately, and the effects wear off quickly by inhaling pure oxygen through a mask. Furthermore, the nitrous gas does not put you to sleep, so you’ll be able to hear any inquiries or directions from the dentist.

Who is a Candidate?

Those Who Have:

  • Mild Dental Fears
  • Anxiety or are Uncooperative
  • Previous Bad Dental Experiences
  • Special Health Care Needs
  • Sensitive Gag Reflexes
  • Poor Responses to Local Anesthesia
  • Uncomfortable Feelings with Certain Dental Tools, Sounds, or Smells
  • Or Children that Need Length Dental Visits

Treatment Expectations

Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nasal mask that is gently placed over your nose before starting your treatment. You breathe in the laughing gas as it pours through the mask. Within a few minutes, you’ll begin to feel the effects of the laughing gas.

The effects most people feel are described as:

  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Giggly
  • “Feeling Light”

When your treatment is over, we’ll remove the mask, and the effects will fade almost instantly. After a few moments, we’ll examine you and determine if it’s safe for you to drive home and continue with your day.

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