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What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants are a quick and fairly painless option to secure your dentures or replace lost teeth. The mini dental implant technique is less invasive than the traditional implant technique and can be completed in a short amount of time. As a result, the surgery can usually be performed in just one dentist visit with significantly less discomfort due to its minimally invasive nature.

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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants


Long Lasting

If you take good care of them, implants can stick around for a lifetime, which makes them a solid and budget-friendly choice compared to other tooth replacement options.



Mini dental implants are all about respecting your time – they’re inserted quickly (in as little as one visit), which means you’ll be up and running sooner than with traditional implants, ensuring a smoother recovery.


Natural Look

Dental implants are like the real deal for your teeth, giving you a natural-looking, confident smile and letting you eat, talk, and chew without any hassles.

Who is a good candidate?

Mini dental implants are great for people who:

  • Are motivated to improve their overall health.
  • Have one or more missing teeth.
  • Have been told they have thin bone.
  • Prefer a less invasive procedure.
  • Deal with a smaller mouth or limited bone structure.
  • Don’t want to go through extensive bone grafting.
  • Don’t want to take extensive time off from work.

Mini Dental Implant Options

Single Implant

A single mini dental implant is a small, titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. Its main benefit is that it offers a cost-effective and minimally invasive solution for those with one or a few missing teeth, providing stability and functionality while preserving adjacent teeth.

Implant Supported Denture

An implant-supported denture is a removable prosthesis that securely attaches to dental implants in the jaw. This type of denture offers exceptional stability, preventing slippage or discomfort, and provides a more natural and comfortable chewing experience, significantly improving the quality of life for those with multiple missing teeth.


A roundhouse, also known as an implant-supported bridge, is a fixed dental restoration that replaces several adjacent missing teeth. It is the most natural-looking dental implant option. It connects to dental implants, ensuring stability and preventing bone loss. The benefits include enhanced chewing ability, improved aesthetics, and long-term durability compared to traditional bridges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get temporary teeth during the implant process?
A: Yes, unlike other implant dentists, we provide temporary teeth or a denture while crafting the final product, ensuring you always leave our in-house lab with a functional smile.

Q: How do you prioritize my well-being during treatment?
A: We aim for a smile you’re proud of while prioritizing your overall health and confidence. Our treatment approach considers your entire body to enhance both oral and overall well-being.

Q: How can I ensure a comfortable dental experience?
A: Your comfort is our priority. We offer different dental sedation options for personalized, comfortable dental care tailored to your preferences.

Q: How long does the implant treatment process take?
A: We utilize the latest technology and healthcare solutions to expedite the surgical and healing process. The majority of our patients complete their implant treatment within 6 months, from consultation to permanent teeth.

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